The Keys to Authentic Happiness in Life

We have developed a special Young Families section of Bereishit this year, with a 4-part evening course - 8.30pm - 9.45pm, 27th - 30th Dec 2020 on "The Keys to Authentic Happiness in Life". 

Everyone wants to be happy, but it doesn’t seem that many people are living happy lives. This is because either they don’t know what happiness is or they don’t know the steps to take, or the discipline to take them. This course will identify keys for true joy, steps towards it, and discipline to master it.

Supper will be delivered to your door for your family (Jasmine caterers), as well as an activity pack for the children. There will be a playback service if you are not able to join one of the sessions.

This course counts for CRP points.

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Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen

Author of popular book 'Mastering Life' who spent six years in the Far East on silent mediations and volunteering at orphanages

A former UCS student, Dov Ber (Bradley) spent 6 years living in Asia immersed in Eastern philosophy and tradition: from long silent meditations to martial arts whilst helping in orphanages in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Dov Ber Cohen rediscovered his Jewish roots and the profound wisdom therein. Since then he has continued to travel the world, running programs to help people tap into their personal potential and create their own life journey in an empowered and joyous way. Dov Ber will also be running an evening course for parents of primary school families, entitled The Key to Authentic Joy in Life.