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Community lifesaving in Israel and its evolution in a Covid reality


The story of personal and national lifesaving chutzpah: Eli Beer, live-saving & United Hatzalah are synonymous. After Eli's recovery from Covid, the story has a new chapter.

Eli Beer

Founder of Israel's United Hatzalah lifesaving organisation


Kiddush Hashem with Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein


A session with one of the world's prime educators, founder of the Shabbat Project and leader of South African Jewry

Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein

Chief Rabbi of South Africa


From Far East Meditations to Jerusalem


Rabbi Dov Ber's quest for happiness took him from UCS to silent meditations and orphanages in Sri Lanka and the Far East, before rediscovering is Jewish roots. Hear his journey and key life lessons

Rabbi Dov Ber Cohen

Author of popular book 'Mastering Life' who spent six years in the Far East on silent mediations and volunteering at orphanages

Keynote Interview

Jacob Levy QC interviewing James Libson, managing partner of Mishchon de Reya LLP.


James Libson was involved in key national cases, including Parliament prorogation and the Deborah Lipstadt case. Jacob Levy QC is a master-interviewer. Join the combination and gain an inside track into James' work, cases, outlook and thoughts.

Jacob Levy QC

Queens Council, speaker and now interviewer

James Libson

Lawyer of the year 2020 and managing partner of Mishchon de Reya LLP.

Keynote Interview

A Global Jewish Conversation


A unique, intimate conversation between Jewish community leaders of six countries:

Hong Kong - Rachel Friedmann, Principal of the Carmel School Association, Asia's Jewish K-12 through-school

Germany - R’ Zsolt Balla, rabbi of Leipzig and board member of Germany’s Rabbinical Council

Israel - Fleur Hassan Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and co-founder of the UAE-Israel Business Council

Gibraltar - R' Noiky Roberts, international speaker, school leader and communal rabbi

The conversation has been organised by Horizon, a consultancy in the education sector. Horizon’s Director, R’ Doniel Levy, will be hosting the discussion.

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